Mayday Repatriation Services

The Mayday Group is supported by our highly skilled team of specialised Paramedics and acute care Nurses, who are all active within the NHS working for the Ambulance Service or in an Emergency Department.

They are led by our Medical Director Dr Jon Sen;
BSc (Hons) Anatomy and Developmental Neurobiology UCL
MB BS Medicine UCL
MSc Clinical Neuroscience, Distinction UCL
PhD Clinical Neuroscience (Neurosurgery) UCL
MRCS (Edinburgh)

Our in-house medical team have a wide range of experience with international commercial repatriations and regularly fly to ensure that they are up to date with the ever changing aviation industry. Mayday Repatriation Services has a large bank of Paramedics and Nurses who complete repatriations on a regular basis with outstanding feedback from our clients. Each Repatriation is planned specifically to meet the individual needs of the client approaching the task in a holistic manner to ensure best patient experience.

In situations where a patient is not suitable for commercial repatriation, we are able to organise other options such as air or road ambulance with our bank of trusted providers.

Mayday Repatriation Services is also able to arrange private repatriations in cases where a client may not have travel insurance or requires additional assistance anywhere in the world.

We own a wide range of crucial medical equipment to ensure safe repatriation of our clients;

Portable Oxygen Concentrators

We have multiple portable oxygen concentrators which allow us more flexibility with airlines that do not offer oxygen onboard the aircraft, if a client also requires oxygen therapy prior to the flight the portability of these machines facilitates this. On longer haul flights we can arrange oxygen with the airline which is provided on the aircraft.

Cardiac Monitor

State of the art portable 12-lead monitor with defibrillator which allows our team to continuously monitor a patient throughout a flight in higher acuity cases.

Medical Bags

Bespoke medical bags with a range of life saving equipment and drugs facilitated by our in-house pharmacist and Medical Director. The bags are sent out on every repatriation to ensure our staff are able to manage a client with a minor condition through to an emergency situation.

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